Aviation, Software, Systems, and Programmatic Support Services

  • Mission Planning and Rotary Wing Subject Matter Expertise 

  • Flight Performance Data Acquisition and Qualification

  • Airworthiness

  • Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

  • Safety Standards Development

  • Training and Field Support

Software & Systems
  • Aviation Mission Planning System (AMPS) 

  • Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS)

  • Windows, Android, and iOS application development

  • Scrum/Agile Training and Implementation

  • Design and User Experience (UX)

  • Architecture and Solutions

  • Configuration Management

Programmatic Support
  • Administrative, Business and Operations Management

  • Project Management

  • Process Improvement

  • Request for Information (RFI), Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM), and Request for Proposal (RFP) support

  • Quality Control Planning